Hands and Feet Treatments

Classic Manicures

Classic Manicure with Polish (45 Minutes) R340
Classic Manicure with Gel (60 Minutes) R440
Classic Men’s Manicure (45 Minutes) R240
Classic Kids Manicure  (30 Minutes) R120

Classic Pedicures

Classic Pedicure with Polish (60 Minutes) R360
Classic Pedicure with Gel (75 Minutes) R440
Classic Medi Pedicure  (75 Minutes) R480
  • A medical pedicure is a pedicure performed by qualified foot specialist. It involves shaping of the nails, cleaning of the nail beds, smoothing of any calluses, and a thorough moisturizing session.
Classic Men’s Pedicure  (60 Minutes) R300
Classic Kids Pedicure (30 Minutes) R120

Nail Treatments

Acrylic Overlay (75 Minutes) R450
Acrylic with Tips (90 Minutes) R500
Acrylic Sculpture (135 Minutes) R530
Acrylic Fill (90 Minutes) R330
Acrylic Overlay + Gel (105 Minutes) R500
Acrylic Tips + Gel (105 Minutes) R550
Acrylic Sculpture + Gel (150 Minutes) R580
Acrylic Fill + Gel (90 Minutes) R390
LCN Overlay (90 Minutes) R550
  • LCN Gel Nails are non-porous and do not weaken the wearer’s natural nails, but protect them. They are also more durable than acrylic nails, won’t discolor over time and they have a more realistic appearance
LCN Tips or Sculpture (120 Minutes) R650
LCN Fill (90 Minutes) R420
LCN Overlay + Gel (105 Minutes) R600
LCN Tips or Sculpture + Gel (135 Minutes) R700
LCN Fill + Gel (105 Minutes) R470
Gel Application (60 Minutes) R310
Add On Nail Art Per Nail   R10
Add On Nail Art Both Hands   R100

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