Nine Tips On How to Use Solar Protection

With the arrival of the good weather, our skin is exposed to solar radiation. Without proper protection, it can suffer from irreversible damage and can age prematurely. Therefore, at Skin and Nail Lounge we would like to offer you nine tips on how to use solar protection and keep your skin healthy, avoiding skin pigmentation, freckles and wrinkles. Take note!

  1. Prepare your skin. Exfoliate your skin and moisturise it (inside and outside). You will be better prepared, you will decrease the risk of skin reactions to the sun and you will reinforce its natural protection.
  2. Always protect it. Just because you aren’t going to the beach or the swimming pool doesn’t mean that you’re not going to catch the sun. Strolling along the street, in the park or sitting on a terrace, your skin is also exposed to solar radiation.
  3. Choose the best for you. It is a great mistake to choose last year’s solar protection. Solar protection has a defined shelf life therefore you must take note of its expiry date. It is important to choose a solar protection factor in keeping with your kind of skin and your lifestyle.
  4. Apply to clean skin. You should apply it to clean skin free from products that contain alcohol or perfume, such as deodorant or cologne.
  5. Take care of every part. It is a good idea to use one special solar protection on the skin of your neckline, neck and face which are more sensitive and another one on the rest of your body.
  6. Apply conscientiously. You should apply the product with circular movements until it is fully absorbed. Pay special attention to sensitive areas such as your chest and shoulders, which are usually constantly exposed to the sun. At the same time, you should apply the cream evenly without leaving any areas such as your ears, eyelids, forehead or neck uncovered. A mistake can be very damaging!
  7. Do it in time. You should apply solar protection about 30 minutes before going out in the sun so that your skin has time to absorb it and to be protected.
  8. Repeat the process. Reapply the sun protection regularly, in keeping with the filter of the product and the activity you are doing. Rub more on after each bathe or if you have been doing exercise. Water and sweat can eliminate the product.
  9. Keep yourself moisturised. The skin loses water due to the effect of the sun meaning that you need to keep it moisturised. Cleanse it to remove impurities, chlorine from the swimming pool or salt from the sea. Drink water and use a good lotion that alleviates, repairs and moisturises. Your skin will remain healthy, attractive and flexible and you will prolong your tan.

Take care of your skin and enjoy the sun!  

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